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Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Tony D.

  • ACDF C5-C6; ALIF L4-L5

“The care that I received from Dr. Michael Gleiber was a turning point in my life. I had suffered with neck and back pain for most of my adult life, having injured both during sports activities in college and a lifetime of continued spinal abuse. As time went on, the pain became more severe and I developed severe headaches due to the neck issues and had to give up golf because of the back pain. After trying every other alternative pain solution, I finally decided that surgery was the only option left. After visiting with several prominent orthopedic surgeons in my area, I was told that cervical surgery was not advised due to the multilevel severity of my condition. Then I found Dr. Gleiber.

During our initial consultation, Dr. Gleiber showed us my x-rays and CT scans and clearly explained to my wife and me the severity of my neck issue. However, while other doctors gave me a 50% chance of success, Dr. Gleiber said he was 95% confident that he could fix my neck with a procedure called an Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion. His personal care prior to and following the surgery went beyond anything I had ever experienced from a doctor. When I was worried because the recovery was not going fast enough, he spent whatever time I needed in the office and on the phone to reassure me that everything was looking great and that I just had to give it time and to be patient.

Once I saw that he was absolutely correct and my neck pain dissipated, I went through the same process with full confidence that he could relieve my lower back pain as well. Five months after my neck surgery, Dr. Gleiber performed an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion. Once again, he had to walk me off the edge several times when my recovery wasn't going as fast as I had expected. His calm and caring manner gave me the reassurance I needed to complete the recovery process with patience and a positive attitude.

One year after my initial meeting with Dr. Gleiber, I am now free from the neck and back pain that I was experiencing when I walked into his office. I cannot recommend him highly enough not only for his amazing skill as a surgeon but also for the genuine personal care that he took in my recovery. In addition, his office staff was truly remarkable in their responsiveness and assistance. Mia and Anna did everything possible to make the process smooth and stress free.

I highly recommend Dr. Michael Gleiber to anyone who is seeking the best spinal surgeon in America.

David Tyree

  • Laminectomy L3, L4 and L5
David Tyree's photo

“I have a five year relationship with Dr. Gleiber. First, four years ago with my neck, as described elsewhere in this testimony string, and more recently with my lower back. Everything I said four years ago still holds true but to even a higher extent. My wife and I live in Colorado but come here to West Palm Beach for any kind of spine issues. When asked why we travel this far for something we can get in Colorado, I really cannot answer very accurately as the quality of care is way beyond any expectations. When you have someone working on your spine, YOU WANT THE BEST. You don't want to skimp when it comes to your health. After all, your quality of life is the most important thing you have and you WANT the best in the business to be making those very important decisions. I cannot say enough about Dr. Gleiber's office, the attention and care you receive is PRICELESS. Dr. Gleiber explains everything is detail, you will understand your options and be able to make the right decision. I NEVER will be able to say enough or give their service and care the credit it certainly deserves. Have you ever taken a picture of the most beautiful area you have seen and then show the picture you took to others and said it really is better than the picture can indicate? Well, that describes my feelings about Dr. Gleiber's office. If you want the best in the business working on your spine and the peace of mind that it is being done correctly look no further.”

Dave T - Colorado Springs

  • C4/C5 and C6/C7
Dave T - Colorado Springs's photo

“If I went into detail about how I met Dr. Gleiber and the specifics of our meeting and surgery, it would sound much like the testimonies that currently exist on this site but even more so unbelievable. Can you believe he contacted me the first time within 30 seconds of my email at 11pm (EST)? Maybe once in your lifetime you will meet that one special person that makes you feel comfortable and establishes a standard of care that you feel is impossible to meet. In Dr. Gleibers case this is so untrue as you will never feel more important as he has established the highest level of ethics and standards of care I have ever witnessed. . How many surgeons will talk directly to you for hours on a weekend detailing your procedure and making you feel comfortable about the steps you are taking to get healthy? BTW, this call was on a Sunday night around midnight (EST). This was not one time occurance, but several times and anytime. How many surgeons come down to the ER at 2:30am to make sure the ER doctors are able to get your blood pressure under control? There is absolutely no one else I would trust with the care of my spine. If you want to feel and be treated "special" Dr. Gleiber and his staff are without a doubt who you must meet. If you don't care, then a standard "doc in the box" will most likely do. Everything you read above is true and more! We live in Colorado and go to West Palm Beach FL. for spinal care. No regrets and the best decision for my health I have ever made. Cannot say enough for this special, caring, understanding and talented surgeon. Dr. Gleiber is the "real deal"!”


  • surgical discectomy, decompression

“I was in need of back surgery and consulted with multiple surgeons before choosing Dr. Gleiber. It's back surgery after all, so I wanted to choose the best possible surgeon to give myself the best chance for a successful outcome. At the consult, Dr. Gleiber really stood out -- particularly when he spent a good hour reviewing my MRI with me and I was able to really get a sense of his extensive depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness about the spine. Throughout my treatment with him (consult, pre-op appts, surgery, and post-op appts) every aspect was excellent, including no rush appointments, the significant amount of time and thought he spent on my case, his ability to explain things, the ability to reach him directly by phone and email when needed, his memory and attention to detail, bedside manner, and of course his knowledge and intelligence. I had been suffering from spinal stenosis at L 3-4-5, which caused severe pain and disability, particularly in one leg. It had gotten to a point where I was spending just about all of my time in bed because the pain was only reduced when I was lying down. I could only walk very minimal distances (not even a block), and even that was very difficult. Dr Gleiber was able to address the issues with discectomy and decompression, as opposed to fusion surgery, which some of the other surgeons I consulted with thought was needed. My surgery was in early August 2015 at Boca Regional (liked the hospital by the way). Incredibly, I wasn't even nervous going into it because of how confident I felt in Dr. Gleiber. He came to see me in the hospital before and after the surgery and the next morning prior to my discharge. The surgery went smoothly, without complications. The follow-up in the 7 months that have passed since my surgery was also thorough and excellent. Most importantly, I am now pain free, back to work, able to exercise, socialize, and live life without restrictions. Although he was not in my insurance network, I (and my husband) truly feel what he provided was worth every single penny. -- b.w.”


  • Within minutes, I began to feel comfortable with Dr. Gleiber's compassion and knowledge and I have rarely met a doctor who takes this much time to speak with his patients.

“I have just had cervical spine surgery with Dr. Gleiber. As you might imagine, I was very apprehensive going into my first appointment to see if I indeed needed spinal surgery. Within minutes, I began to feel comfortable with Dr. Gleiber's compassion and knowledge and I have rarely met a doctor who takes this much time to speak with his patients.

He also reviewed my MRIs in detail with me and explained why this surgery was neccessary. After spending a 36-year career in a health profession myself, I knew I had found a doctor with exceptional qualities and skills. As the time approached for my surgery, Dr. Gleiber or one of his staff (Anna or Mia - Thank you both so much!) were in constant contact with me to take care of all the details and to help relieve any anxiety I might be experiencing.

I have had many surgeries in my life, and never have I had the doctor call me to see how I was doing and to see if I had any more questions. I have never had such wonderful treatment before, during or after surgery. On the day of surgery, Dr. Gleiber sits with you before the procedure to answer any last minute questions you may have. His presence and compassion put you right at ease and you know that you are in the best hands possible. It made a big difference.

After surgery, Dr. Gleiber is there to make sure all your post-op needs are attended to and to give you the instructions needed for a full recovry. As I have lived in NY all my life, I was prepared to go "back home" to have my surgery there. But after finding Dr. Gleiber through many professional recommendations, it was not necessary. In my opinion, I knew that I had found the best spinal surgeon in the country.

If you need spinal surgery, or just a second opinion, I would highly recommend Dr. Gleiber. His surgical skills are second to none, and his caring, compassionate demeanor is a rare quality in today's medical field.”


  • Dr. Gleiber is more than a great surgeon who called me every morning after I got home just to see how I was doing; he possesses the ability to take away a person's chronic pain.

“After 20 years of chronic lower back and leg pain on both sides, I finally did it. I spent many years trying all kinds of different pain management treatments, from epidural steroid & facet injections to aquatic therapy, chiropractic treatments, stretching and back exercises, pain medications and even hanging upside down. Nothing gave me anything more than a temporary relief from the chronic daily pain I experienced.

As a last attempt to find relief from the pain, I started to research my options for lower back surgery - going against all those who told me to never have someone operate on your back. I went to see two spine surgeons in Florida who came very highly recommended to me and had decided on one of them until I was so blessed to find Dr. Michael Gleiber in Jupiter, FL.

One of the things I loved most about Dr. Gleiber upon meeting him was you could tell he knew he was a great surgeon and he was so confident that he would be able to help me and take away most of the pain I was experiencing. Despite all of the reservations I had prior to the surgery, I was comforted by the fact that Dr. Gleiber was confident the outcome would be positive.

Well, I must say that after my surgery (L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1), it's been a miracle. I'm now 100% pain free and walking every day 3 miles since the surgery with no pain. I can't wait to get back on the golf course and play for the first time in many years without pain. Dr. Gleiber is more than a great surgeon who called me every morning after I got home just to see how I was doing; he possesses the ability to take away a person's chronic pain. I can't thank him enough, all I can say is "He's the Man!"”

Tracy M.

  • Not only does he instill confidence in his skills, but he demonstrates empathy and care...

“Dr. Gleiber is AWESOME. In this new world of medicine where you are hustled in and out and given very little attention or care or questions answered, my experience with Dr. Gleiber could not have been more different. He took an inordinate amount of time to explain what he was seeing in the MRI/x-rays, conduct an independent exam, explain what was happening and what options I had available to me.

He demanded meticulous attention to detail from all the medical professionals who needed to be involved - and this is reassuring when the surgery site is adjacent to the spinal column. Not only does he instill confidence in his skills, but he demonstrates empathy and care through regular/frequent communication before and after surgery. I cannot say enough about this Great Doctor!”

Wendy L.

  • Dr. Gleiber was so knowledgeable and understanding, that I knew I was finally in the right hands.


Yes! Cartwheels! That's how I feel today after my Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgery. At age 44, my condition had deteriorated to the point where my legs were numb and would collapse out from underneath me. Previous doctors had kept me medicated and told me that I would have to accept that I would have to live the rest of my life in that condition.

By the time I got to Doctor Gleiber, I started to cry with relief because he knew exactly what was going on with me medically and assured me that I did not have to live my life in debilitating pain. He was so knowledgeable and understanding, that I knew I was finally in the right hands. I don't know how else to describe my whole experience and the way I feel today except that I feel like doing Cartwheels!”


  • Dr. Michael Gleiber is exactly what I hoped and prayed for - the best spine doc!

“I wanted to see for myself what all the "buzz" was about regarding this spine surgeon in Florida. I heard about him from another spine surgeon in the north east where I also live. He said if he didn't do the operation, he would recommend Doc Gleiber and only him.

I called his office and was met with a very warm, nice voice on the other end, Mia. She explained that Dr. Gleiber didn't accept my insurance and that she would check to see if I would be able to go "out of my network." Mia checked and got back to me within 2 hours. She explained that I had to pay upfront and she would personally "send the paperwork to my insurance and they would reimburse me." It was not cheap to see him, and I hesitated! But eventually called back to schedule.

She asked me to fax my mri report to her so Dr. Gleiber could look at it for the appointment. Here's the amazing part: I got a call back that night from Dr. Gleiber personally! I have been going to the same doctor for 20 years and getting him to speak with me is nearly impossible. Doc G called me back and I was not even a patient.

He was so professional and comforting that I was taken back. We talked for almost an hour! He told me that while the mri report was helpful, he needed to see the real mri and examine me. I went to see him and was amazed at how humble this distinguished man was. He introduced himself by his first name! We spent well over an hour together and he told me what was wrong, that he agreed I needed surgery and how he would do it minimal invasive. He wasn't pushy and told me to "think about what we talked about" and call him with any question.

I found out what the operation would cost and it was very expensive!, but he seemed so confident he could help me that I decided this was an investment in my health and more important than anything else. It was the best decision! I had surgery and was amazed by not only how good I felt but at the care he gave me after. That was a big concern beforehand. I was worried he wouldn't be as available as he said. Now I know what a real concierge MD office is and should be!!!!

He was worth every penny and this is my spine I'm talking about. He has a way about him that most people don't in medicine. My pain is still gone completely and I now have referred him to friends of mine. I have a doctor for life! My advice is: if you need an operation for your neck and spinal cord, see him. It is worth the money and you will be amazed at how different he is compared to other MDs.”


  • From the moment we met Dr. Gleiber, he made us feel welcome, made us feel important, and went above the call of a normal doctor.

“I am writing for my fiance Chris, who had back surgery with Dr. Gleiber. I have never met a more down to earth and friendly doctor in my life. Chris went in to see Dr. Gleiber, had an MRI done and received a phone call from Dr. Gleiber after 5pm from his personal phone to tell Chris he needed surgery. He went out of his way to show Chris what was wrong and what he was going to do to fix the problem.

Dr. Gleiber informed us personally about what was happening and didn't have his staff call us to tell us. He phoned me when Chris got out of surgery to let me know Chris was okay and to give me a list of dos and don'ts for him. I have never felt so much relief and respect for a man in his position.

Since being with my fiance, we have been through countless chiropractors, doctors, and physical therapists trying to dull Chris's pain instead of fixing the issue. From the moment we met Dr. Gleiber, he made us feel welcome, made us feel important, and went above the call of a normal doctor.

Chris had his appendix removed 3 years ago and the experience with the doctor was horrible. Now, Chris has a 8-inch scar that is purple in color because the doctor took the staples out too soon and decided that a band-aid would suffice for his gaping wound. Dr. Gleiber removed Chris's staples and personally cleaned the wound and rebandaged it.

I have never seen a more thorough doctor who truly cared this much for his patients. Dr. Gleiber is the epitome of what a doctor should be. I truly hope that other doctors take a page from his book and realize that patients are people who deserve to be respected and that by treating them as such not only have a patient for life but will tell other people of their experience.”


  • In experiencing other surgeries before, I have never received this outstanding care or developed such a bond with any of my doctors.

“In 2009, I began experiencing extensive back pain in my lumbar (low back) that lead me to Dr. Michael Gleiber. From the initial visit, Dr. Gleiber was straight forward with his approach and put me on a treatment path that didn't include surgery at that time because I didn't need it. My treatment included therapy, pain management for epidural injections, and the utilization of a tens unit.

Unfortunately in my case, these therapies didn't provide the necessary relief due to the further deterioration of my disc. In July 2010, I underwent surgery with Dr. Gleiber. I had surgery on Monday and was out on Wednesday. When I woke up from surgery my pain was gone!! Over the course of the next several months, I followed Dr. Gleiber's orders for recovery (which was very hard for me because I'm over active).

Dr. Gleiber provided the MOST AMAZING CARE that I've ever received by a physician. He is so caring and is genuinely concerned about his patients. He actually gets to know his patients and makes sure that your recovery is successful. He would call me first thing in the morning or after hours at night to check on me. In experiencing other surgeries before, I have never received this outstanding care or developed such a bond with any of my doctors.

I've had the first-hand experience of being treated, operated on and recovering from a potentially devastating situation - all because of Dr. Gleiber. I just can't say enough great words about him and his staff. There are doctors out there that make you question their integrity and knowledge. I speak from first-hand experience when I say that Dr. Gleiber is the best in his profession. If you are in need of treatment, he is the doctor that you want treating you.”


  • Dr. Gleiber is a doctor who takes the time to listen to his patients and understand how a condition may effect them beyond the present medical condition.

“Dr. Gleiber on 7/26/11 completed my spine fusion on L5/S1, he was great. You don't find many doctors today that take the time or effort to express outstanding patient care. However, this does NOT apply to Dr. Gleiber. He is a doctor who takes the time to listen to his patients and understand how a condition may effect them beyond the present medical condition. During recovery, Dr. Gleiber was always available for questions, and believe it or not, he daily was calling me to see how I was doing (wow). That's care above and beyond!!

If you're thinking or looking for a spine doctor for your care, Dr. Gleiber should be your first and only choice. The office staff is always kind and pleasant, with a wait under 5 min to see him. Once you're back, you're not waiting and waiting to see the doctor. Within a few seconds, Dr. Gleiber is in to talk with you, not rushing in/out the door. In my 45 years of seeing doctors for different conditions, Dr. Michael Gleiber is by far "The Best" of any medical doctor. You're in Good Hands with him.”


  • Words alone cannot express what an amazing and caring surgeon Dr. Gleiber is!

“Words alone cannot express what an amazing and caring surgeon Dr. Gleiber is! I had a severe herniated disc in my L5-S1 of which the pain was not helped by injections, drugs or PT. Surgery seemed to be my only option in hopes of regaining a better quality of life.

From my first appointment I knew I was in the best hands possible. Dr. Gleiber was very thorough and made me feel confident and at ease with my decision to have surgery. He personally kept in close contact with me following surgery to ensure the healing process was as it should be. He surrounds himself with only the best in the field and that goes for the wonderful staff at his office as well!

A lot of doctors and PA's are in and out of the room so fast that you feel like just another warm body. Dr. Gleiber and his staff make you feel like you are the only appointment he has all day and they truly care about you as a patient!”


  • I highly recommend Dr. Gleiber for anyone considering spinal surgery.

“I saw Dr. Gleiber for extreme sciatic pain. He diagnosed a herniated disc and recommended surgery. Dr. Gleiber clearly and completely explained the condition, the surgery and what I could expect for recovery. On September 26, 2011, he performed a microdiscectomy at L5/S1 as an outpatient surgery. The sciatic pain was gone immediately and I was only on pain medication for a few days after surgery.

I've carefully followed Dr. Gleiber's instructions for post-surgical activity and my recovery has been uneventful. Not only are Dr. Gleiber's surgical skills outstanding, but he also takes time at each visit with his patients and their family - no rushed examinations in his office! His professionalism and caring concern also extends to his staff, Anna and Mia.

Surgery is always a frightening occasion, but I couldn't be happier with the results I've experienced and I highly recommend Dr. Gleiber for anyone considering spinal surgery.”


  • My spinal infection was so severe, I was told I might not make it. I'm alive because of Dr. Gleiber!

“My spinal infection was so severe I was told, at my age, there was a high chance I might not make it. Two surgeries later and hours of sweat, I'm here to talk about it. THANKS Dr. Gleiber!”