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Re-Defining Medical Tourism: Why South Florida Became A Spine Care Destination

Dr. Gleiber cares for patients from all over the world who travel to see him for spine surgery. While American patients may think of medical tourism as traveling to a medical facility outside of the country, many patients from around the world look for highly qualified surgeons and physicians in the United States.

Patients come to Dr. Gleiber for his expertise in the field of spine surgery and because he makes sure that the entire travel process is as easy on his patients as possible. His knowledgeable staff is well-equipped to help patients through all aspects of the medical tourism process.

Communicating with Dr. Gleiber

Helping international patients (as well as patients who travel from all over the United States) has informed the “typical” admission process for Dr. Gleiber and staff.

Patients who are considering spine surgery with Dr. Gleiber can contact his office or fill out a contact form on his website. Before patients travel to Florida to see Dr. Gleiber for spine surgery, they go through an initial evaluation process. This process determines whether or not a patient is eligible for spine surgery. Patients send Dr. Gleiber their most recent medical records for review. Dr. Gleiber will also call personally patients soon after their initial information request to discuss their condition, symptoms, and medical records. A physical evaluation is generally necessary to determine certain eligibility for surgery. However, this process helps to ensure that patients who would not benefit from surgery do not make an unnecessary trip.

If Dr. Gleiber believes that a patient may benefit from spine surgery after the initial phone call and evaluation, he will ask the patient to travel to his office for a consultation. Dr. Gleiber’s staff is available to help patients with travel arrangements and anything else they require during the travel process, including flights, hotels, etc.

While patients do need to bring their medical records with them, they do not need to be in English. Dr. Gleiber’s staff will take care of any translation that may be needed. Dr. Gleiber also discusses the costs of a clinical upfront, before the patient schedules a trip. However, a physical examination and additional imaging studies are often needed to determine an exact surgical fee. If this is the case, Dr. Gleiber’s team will arrange for any additional studies that may be needed for an accurate consultation.

Travel Arrangements

Dr. Gleiber’s office regularly communicates with local hotels to ensure that patients get the best possible rates. No matter a patient’s travel budget or desired experience, Dr. Gleiber’s team makes sure that patients are accommodated. Everything is ready for patients when they arrive. Dr. Gleiber’s office is conveniently located 2 miles from Palm Beach International Airport, so patients do not have far to travel after landing in Florida. Dr. Gleiber’s staff can also arrange for transportation to and from the airport, office, and hotel if needed. Patients do not need to stress about making travel arrangements.

Patients will often bring family members with them to help with post-surgery care. If needed, Dr. Gleiber’s team is prepared to make personalized recommendations on local restaurants and entertainment, as well as information on events in South Florida.

Dr. Gleiber and his team strive to make sure that medical tourism is as seamless and stress-free as possible for patients. Surgery on its own can be very stressful to patients, even without travel involved. For this reason, Dr. Gleiber and his team go above and beyond to make sure that travel is not an added stress on patients.


Dr. Gleiber’s consultations generally last about 2.5 – 3 hours. During the consultation, he will go over the patient’s medical records and imaging tests, explaining his findings in great detail. He may also do a physical examination, if needed. From there, he will make recommendations on what the next steps should be. If Dr. Gleiber recommends surgery, he will go over all of the surgical options ahead of time so that the patient is well-equipped to make an informed health decision. He will also answer questions and address any concerns that may arise during the consultation.

Procedure and Recovery

Dr. Gleiber will provide personalized instructions for patients undergoing surgery, including instructions about current prescriptions. Procedures are done at one of the local hospitals where Dr. Gleiber is on staff. After surgery, Dr. Gleiber will provide instructions for post-operative care, and makes himself available to patients to answer any questions they have after surgery. After being discharged from the hospital, patients return to their hotel until they are cleared by Dr. Gleiber for travel, usually within about 2 weeks of surgery.

Taking proper care of the surgical incision site is an important part of the recovery process. Some patients choose to do this on their own with the help of family members. However, Dr. Gleiber also allows surgical patients to return to his office daily to have their dressings changed while they are still in town.

Even after surgery, patients can rest assured that Dr. Gleiber and his team will be available to make the recovery process as easy and stress-free as possible.