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4 Wearable Tech Apps Poised to Become Game Changers for Your Healthy Lifestyle

The recent release of the Apple Watch has continued the momentum of the wearable device market. While wearable devices are still relatively new, there are several wearable devices on the market that can help you monitor certain conditions or accomplish health goals.

You were probably already aware of the fact that many wearable devices can monitor your heart rate and the number of steps you take in a day, but did you know there are devices on the market that can do the following things as well?

Monitor Your Glucose Levels

The Apple Watch only recently launched, but some companies have already developed potentially useful apps. One app in particular is getting a lot of buzz: a glucose monitoring app by Dexcom, a medical technology company. The app, which already has FDA approval, uses a small monitor inserted under the skin to measure the wearer’s blood glucose levels. The monitor sends information to an iPhone app, which can communicate with the Apple Watch to display information about blood glucose levels. This app can help those with diabetes easily monitor their blood glucose levels on-the-go, helping them avoid the risks of too-high or too-low blood sugar.

Help You Sit Up Straighter

I’ve talked about the benefits of good posture before, but did you know that a wearable device could help you straighten up? A tiny wearable device called the Lumo Lift is designed to be worn against the skin using either a small clip or magnet, and it helps you track your posture. One of the most useful features of the device is that it will vibrate anytime you slouch, reminding you to sit up straight. It also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to give you data on your posture throughout the day. If you want to track other fitness stats as well, the Lumo Lift also tracks the distance you’ve walked, how many calories you burned, and rates your level of activity.

Let You Know When You’ve Gotten Too Much Sun

As the temperatures warm up, a lot of us are spending more time outside enjoying the nice weather. However, as you are probably aware, too much sun exposure can lead to health problems like skin cancer. This is where the June bracelet from Netatmo comes in handy. The bracelet syncs with your iPhone to let you know when you’ve had too much sun. It also monitors UV intensity and calculates the maximum sun exposure for your skin type. And, as a benefit for women who are concerned with being fashionable as much as they are with being health-conscious, the bracelet is designed by French jeweler Camille Toupet and could pass for a regular piece of jewelry. It’s a great accessory to take along with you on a beach vacation.

Help Relieve Stress and Tension

A headband called Muse, by InteraXon, tracks your brain activity much in the same way a heart rate monitor works for your heart. Muse sends that data to a computer, smartphone, or tablet to help you track your brain activity and do exercises that teach you how to calm your mind. While the device can’t completely alleviate your stress, it can help you learn how to meditate and focus.
With new technology coming out all the time, it’s exciting to think where technology can go from here!